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THE recent surge in the global price of gold could be a major boon for cash-strapped Zimbabwe if the safe. ARE you suffering from re-entry anxiety? Close Sidebar. Top Stories. Gold price surge is a bonus for Zimbabwe. August 20, Daunting task to find Victoria Falls Stock Exchange insurer. USD allowances: Banks, retailers hit back. Uncertainty, risks loom in Zim banking sector.

Zimbabwe gems classed as ‘blood diamonds’

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ZIM introduces AI-based software to detect misdeclared cargo. Shipping company ZIM has developed and implemented an AI-based screening software to.

Monitors from the Kimberley Process, the international watchdog set up to monitor the trade, made the recommendation to the scheme’s bosses after visiting the country earlier this month. They focused on the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe, where mining is controlled by the country’s military and police, and around independent miners were massacred last year. Mr Mugabe’s regime uses the profits from the area to buy the loyalty of police and military commanders and units, according to a report by Human Rights Watch earlier this year.

In the Kimberley Process monitors’ interim report, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, they say: “Violence undertaken by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe National Army in removing illegal panners and then attempting to maintain control of the area is unacceptable within the Kimberley process framework. The team was headed by a Liberian deputy minister, and their conclusions are the strongest condemnation yet of Mr Mugabe’s regime by an African-led international mission.

They have recommend suspension of Zimbabwe from the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme for “at least six months, but until such time as the KP team determines that minimum standards have been met”, adding that the area must be “demilitarised” and adequate security installed. The move would make Zimbabwe only the third country ever to be suspended under the Kimberley scheme after Ivory Coast and Congo-Brazzaville.

Blocking exports will be a major blow to Mr Mugabe’s efforts to retain the support of the military commanders who are still key to the country’s future, despite the formation of the unity government with the former opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Abuses in the Marange area, in Chiadzwa district, are still continuing — a traditional leader was forcibly evicted from his home this week for having co-operated with the inspectors. Now there will be no one to protect people in the area.

The campaign group Global Witness welcomed the recommendations, but added that there were still several steps to go through before a ban was imposed, and that there was a risk smuggling, which is already rife, would increase. Kimberley Process was set up after trading in conflict diamonds fuelled and funded staggeringly brutal civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the s. Terms and Conditions. Style Book.

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A selection of the beads was studied non-destructively by classifying them according to morphological attributes, supplemented by Raman analyses and XRF measurements. It became evident that a morphological classification of beads recovered from sites that include imports into Africa after the seventeenth century AD could be problematic due to apparent morphological similarities between earlier and later beads.

This paper demonstrates the use and archaeological application of Raman and XRF measurements to separate earlier imported beads from later counterparts by identifying glass nanostructure, as well as pigments and opacifiers, which were not used in bead series pre-dating the seventeenth century AD.

These in – Sixty – four articles of work dating back to were cluded cattle plant growth and crop yield. manure based on previous research in Zimbabwe.

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Train travel in Zimbabwe . . .

Chatter in WhatsApp groups became eerily still in an online social landscape where almost half of all internet usage occurs on the messaging platform. Reporters for Chat and other news outlets were told to stay home, in part for their own safety. But much of the country was without access to Facebook, WhatsApp, or mobile network service. The internet was turned back on when a High Court ruling declared the internet shutdown illegal six days after the first blackout began, but tensions continue to roil dialogues about media freedom in Zimbabwe.

The crackdown on social media, in part, is a demonstration of how the WhatsApp corner of the internet has become a powerful space for Zimbabweans.

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Prohibition of unregistered correspondence colleges and independent colleges and certain advertisements. Variation of scope of registration otherwise than at request of correspondence college or independent college. Variation of scope of registration at request of correspondence college or independent college. Registered correspondence college or independent college to have principal office in Zimbabwe. Powers of officials to enter premises of registered schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

It is the objective in Zimbabwe that primary education for every child of school-going age shall be compulsory and to this end it shall be the duty of the parents of any such child to ensure that such child attends primary school. It is the objective that tuition in schools in Zimbabwe be provided for the lowest possible fees consistent with the maintenance of high standards of education, and the Minister shall encourage the attainment of this objective by every appropriate means, including the making of grants and other subsidies to schools.

Subject to this Act, the Minister shall promote and enhance the education of the people of Zimbabwe and the progressive development of institutions devoted to that purpose and the Minister shall secure the provision of a varied, comprehensive and constantly developing educational service throughout Zimbabwe. For the purpose of ensuring a fair and equitable provision of primary education throughout Zimbabwe every local authority shall endeavour to establish and maintain such primary schools as may be necessary for all children in the area under its jurisdiction.

Every child of school-going age shall be entitled to be enrolled at the Government primary or secondary school, as the case may be, nearest to the place where he is ordinarily resident, unless such primary or secondary school is fully enrolled. Where the Secretary is of the opinion that adequate educational facilities already exist in the area in which an applicant proposes to establish a school, the Secretary shall advise the applicant in writing to that effect, and may recommend that the school be established in some other suitable area.

No non-Government school shall be operated on any premises other than the premises specified in the certificate of registration or provisional registration of the school, as the case may be.

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After leaving political life in Zimbabwe, in he emigrated to Ireland, where he died this past Good Friday. For many years, Mr. Auret led the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and was at the forefront of documenting atrocities under Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in the s that left more 20, people dead. That era still haunts the present administration as activists press government officials to acknowledge and atone for past human rights abuses.

In the post-colonial era they include the murder and attem pted murder of opposition leaders and their supporters dating back to the s and s. In the early s , under a controversial land reform program, violent farm invasions led to the killing of white farmers by ruling party supporters. After the fall of Mugabe in November , incoming president Emmerson Mngagagwa made commitments to undo the dark past of the human rights violations of his mentor—he had served as vice president under Mr.

Instead, human rights monitors say, there has been an escalation of abuse. Political abductions , torture of comedians who poke fun at the regime, shooting of demonstrators , and charges of treason and arrests of journalists all have become daily fare under Mr. Mngagagwa, according to local media. Rights abuses have only grown more intense as social restrictions engendered by the Covid crisis took hold in recent months. Lockdown violators have suffered under the heavy-handed enforcement by the state security apparatus.

Many allege enforcement efforts have been unnecessarily violent and designed to intimidate dissenters, not protect public health. During the Covid crisis human rights monitors say, there has been an escalation of abuse in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis driving homeless boys into illegal gay sex trade

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Zimbabwe has a long history of vector control, particularly IRS, dating back to Zimbabwe uses a wide range of vector control tools classified.

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